"You have a fascinating intestinal tract, Mr. Cornett."
Don't look now, but someone's eaten all your Popsicles.
"This is serious."
Sorry, I'm the Tolstoy of jokes except I haven't written a pisser
in twenty-two years - Just let me be with my sickness.
Don't even bill me, I'll just die and we'll be done with it.
"Without treatment you'll die in your thirties."
(Second car insurance discount)
"With treatment it will prolong it until your fourties."
(Attention starved third midlife crisis)
When is Quetzalcoatl set to snatch infant baskets?

I had an episode today where I craved a second chance from you
so I called you on a lunch break, sweating, clothes stained with ink and toner
cleanups in an endless retail isle and you didn't answer.
I tried again at 12:37 a.m. and was interrupted by the whitest shade of trash
delivering the most tapped out source of dry with fists extended inches from
my nose, the smell of tacos and Pabst staining blood cells:
"You hitting on my 'ole lady?"
My guts wrap around my spine in a knot to wrap around your tiny ring finger.
Be mine?
After all of these years I suck off the idea of Satan while you suck off
something more actual - An idea, being, frame you can touch with fingers,
bones, appendages and brush strokes.
I've got 20 years left and my premature death won't even be able to drink
at it's own funeral.

"Saints be praised my Savior's born,
Come to take me on back home.
I will hold his withered hand
Carried to gates made of gold.
You're the one which dreams are told,
and life lives eternal through mire.
I will sing your song up high,
To be carried to clouds, bringing me higher.
Don't be caught in the flood.
Don't be caught in the flood.
Don't be caught in the flood."

Randy was a man in a basic sense -
His body smelled of smoke so bad they dumped him in the ocean
with his pubic beard and sweat stench to spare the city the discomfort of
dealing with him.
Poor advice.
wow.... really interesting.
one of my favourites i've seen so far. love it.
"You'd stick your head in fire if I told you that you could see Hell"- Otis, House of 1000 Corpses
Reminds me of the Blood Brothers, the way it tells a story in quite a...well for lack of a better word abstract, but that makes the choice of wording seem arbitrary and pointless.

Bit like "Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy".

Very nicely done overall.