I've just made a saddle out of camel bone..and i'm replacing it, yes this sounds crazy, with my fossilized mammoth ivory saddle...well, at least till the bone saddle ''opens up'' in terms of tone...

Now that its brand new...it sounds actually on par with the ivory saddle...and maybe after a couple of months, better

Ah so, to the point...this is the first time i made a saddle, and i copied the height and measurements from the FMI saddle, which was done by a professional...

And when i was sanding off the sides for the angle, i made it too sharp...so the point where the saddle and strings meet is really quite small...In other words, there is very little contact with the saddle and the strings...about 1mm worth of contact?

Heres are pics

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Nice job! To answer your question, yes, the string to saddle contact surface is important to tone. Even moreso is the bottom of the saddle where it rests in the bridge slot. Both play important rolls in transferring the strings vibrations to the soundboard.
The top of the saddle should be approx. 1/16th-1/8th inch wide and rounded smooth. If it's too sharp it could act as a knife edge on the strings. The strings actually roll side to side as you play, so you can picture what will happen if the saddle top is too sharp. Hope this helps.
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