Hello everybody I am not a regular on this website but I once was, about the first three years I started playing guitar I visited this and other tab sites a lot.

Although it helped a lot, I always wanted a little bit more. A lot of tabs were good, others were bad, a few pissed me off a little bit... but a lot of the tabs that were good were for the popular songs, and there was always this particular song that nobody knew and I wanted to learn really bad, but couldn´t figure out.

I wanna offer a service, I'll transcribe any part (guitar, bass, drums) you want, in any format you want (Guitar Pro, Sibelius, etc), and then you can pay me how much you feel it's right.

Please let know what you think.
No one's gonna pay for tabs. It's much easier to get a crappy one and make corrections.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
Pay you? You want to make it so that we don't get pissed off and you want us to pay you?That's selfish... good idea but requesting payment is selfish ...
Hello Again,

The reason I want to get paid is that I'm very serious about doing quality transcriptions, and when something is serious, there is always money involved.

However, I would give you the tab first and you can pay me how much you want, so it is almost a free exchange...(or... the best I could think of )

You trust me, I trust you, I know it sounds weird but I think it can work.

Let me know what you think.
You should give one free tab out as a taster to people who are considering paying for your tabs. I would rather like a tab of the intro from Meshuggah's Pravus song but i'm afraid i do not want to pay for tabs when i can get them from here or from myself, but still keep on trying, this could be cool for you.
Hey, I tabbed the meshuggah song, It was pretty hard to hear cause the notes were pretty damn low, but fortunately I found a video of the guys explaining it!!! here is the link for whom is interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kC2M8MnTN4&feature=related

I did two versions on the tab, one with odd meters and one without, it appears that the guys feel all their complex songs in 4/4 which makes them, even more complex! I recommend you look at both, because: the odd meter one is easy to read, but with the 4/4 one you can follow the song! For the people are interested to see some of my work I have those two up and the intro of a song by Cirith Ungol called Finger of Scorn (there was no video involved in that one so you can see that I have an ear !), however I want to point out that this is the kind of service I'm offering you, I will not rest until I find out exactly how your song is played!!!!! I'll google them, look them up on you tube, and hear the thing over a 1000 times. I won´t stop halfway.

You all have a good day now.