Okay. This is one of the recent songs that I wrote for the band. The intro that I wrote for it shares the same BPM and common chord progression ( I even added a piano to induce a real epic feel to it (I'm ALL about the epic feel)). I feels as though it leads into the track perfectly (If you go from one straight into the other).

The intro repeats because it's instrumental. It's strictly for the musician, but I'm sure even people who don't play an instrument can appreciate it.

The actual song, itself is one of my favorite songs to play live, now.

The bridge and the Solo are by far, two of the coolest sounding parts that I've ever written. I hope that everyone feels the same way. Let me know, and I'll be glad to comment anything that you guys have for me to check out.

Keep it metal.
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Hey man, great job.

The intro was really awesome. The only thing I might add is a kinda piano solo maybe (look up music video of edited Art of Life by X Japan for an example) but that just might be my personal preference for over the top stuff and not helping the song.

As far as the song goes it was pretty awesome. I loved the little guitar solos in the prechorus(?) and chorus. Though it might sound sweeter to harmonize a few of those leads. The solo was sweet also, I love your soloing style! Its like a modern take on Iron Maidenish solos. In fact the whole song reminds me of maiden in a weird way.
My only slight knock is that i feel the whole things over too quickly. To make it epic I thik it needs to be longer.

Overall, its fantastic! I kinda wish I wrote it
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Intro song is a tad repetitive... but it over all gets the job done. Just for the hell of it, I would suggest harmonies to lead. But not just a simply 3rd or 5th higher though. Like, another actual melody, that fits the first well.
The intro definitely brings it in well. Actually reminds me of one of my own songs.
I don't care for the verse, but I simply just don't usually like parts that are pretty much powerchord progression.
Chorus lead is great. Minor suggestion. On the Evan track, where it's playing simply notes that are in the powerchords, try using the third instead of the fifth.
Solo's great. Nothing to suggest for it.

Those are mostly suggestions, not complaints. I'd rather be productive and share ideas than simply praise it.

I'm glad you had such positive words on my song! By the way, it actually has two drum solos now! But, I don't usually fix the guitar pro files after my band changes the songs.