Yeah, there's PC do-gooders all over so you're probably right. But as a parody of '30's style (using a '30's popular song) I have no problem with it. I prefer to stamp out real racism than mess about with what must be considered an art form. It's like having a white Othello just 'cos the actor is pale skinned. Read Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and American Gods. He gets it right.
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I can't think where i've heard this song before. This is annoying me. Do any Brits know if this is on an advert or something?
This is trippy stuff.

Edit: Tripper
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"Super Duper"?

Honestly, that looks more like they got pied in the face to me than anything else. =/
now that i've seen this i understand a family guy reference i never got before.

does anyone else remember stewie singing this?