We've all heard the internet horror stories of people being scammed making a purchase. I decided I couldn't live another day without a LaPatrie Hybrid classical guitar. A check of the popular sites showed the guitar selling in the mid $700.00 range so when I found a used but mint one at musiciansbuy.com for less than $600.00 (no case or factory warranty) I jumped at the chance only to learn that particular ax had been sold. The good people at musiciansbuy then offered to sell me a brand new one, complete with case, factory warranty and free shipping, for the advertised price of the used one. Three days later the LaPatrie showed up at my door--courtesy fed-Ex.

Through no fault of the dealer, I found that the action was set up a bit high, a fault I'm now correcting. But, overall, this was a great buying experience. They kept me informed every step of the way.
Yes, I've found that online stores, the good ones, anyway, really try harder to give good customer service. This is in contrast to many regular shops that happen to have online sales.
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