I am recording from my Digitech RP250 via the USB connection, and I am monitoring with headphones connected to its headphone out. If I turn up the master and preset levels to get a decent level going into Sonar on the PC, then the volume in the headphones becomes too loud for listening.

By tweaking the 'Playback Mix' (USB/RP) in X-Edit I can make my guitar play quieter through the headphones, but that makes the drum track I've recorded too loud.

Can anyone advise how I can lower the overall volume through the headphones rather than just choosing between having 'USB' or 'RP' too loud?

Thank you.
i have the same problem but i fix it by just adjusting the volumes on the volume mixer on the pc and make them all one sound so that sorta fixes it for
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
Thanks for the quick reply.

I have now discovered the 'console view' in Sonar; I took the master level down a bit and I finally have usable volumes... my ear-drums live to hear another day.