Hey guys.
I've recently acquired an Ibanez RG with the intention of upgrading the pickups.
The guitar has a Basswood body, a Mape neck, and a Floyd Rose type trem.
I'm looking for something High Output for the bridge.. i like a fair amount of bass for my heavy tone, aswell as alot of defination.
For the neck im looking for something warm and clear, mainly for jazzy type stuff.
A good balance between pricew and quality would be nice, i've been looking into GFS?
Being in Oz, Duncans and Dimarzio's arent so cheap, so some opinions on these would be nice.

Wilde (Bill Lawrence) XL 500's? Not the biggest output but great definition with good highs and crunchy lows. I have an older 500L in the bridge of my Alder/Maple Yammy and it's a monster. Drawback is there's about a month waiting list but they're only about 50 US$ a pop.
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GFS are not going to be any better than what you already have. I'd suggest swapping the magnet in the neck pickup for the magnet in the bridge. It'll give your bridge higher output and a more defined low end and it'll give your neck some much needed midrange and it'll sound like it's got more output even though it'll actually have less.
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