get a mxr 10 band
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no it would be on the pedalboard at the guitar end of the chain, to get it jsut right EQ-wise.

MXR 10 band EQs are well overpriced in the uk if you ask me.

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Do not! Get the ge7

Get a nady geq 131 for 80 bucks which is a 31 band eq. Yes, some of the bands are useless but you can use them to eliminate feedback and unwanted noise. Plus you can shape your tone perfectly with a 31 band eq

Edit: the 31 band is great If you want it on all of the time to achieve a really nice thick sound but if you want just to turn it in on during a song or solo get the mxr 10 band eq. But a rack eq will do wonders to your tone. I keep mine on all of the time just so I can get that perfect metallica tone.
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I have one. I never use it but if you want it PM me and we will work out a reasonable price for you.

I used to use it all the time to give my sound more mid range and it was great for a solo boost and for tweaking your sounds. Now i have a ZenDrive which adds more than enough mid range...

Its yours if you want it