Okay, this should be pretty simple.

Go into your profile. Look at your profile views count.

Look at your forum posts count.

Work out one as a percentage or ratio of the other.

Example: my profile.

Posts: 636
Views: 275

275/636 = 43.2%
988/83= ???
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I didn't think so. Good god. That means I've got almost 1500 in the on-topic forums alone... jesus. I wonder how many including Pit posts. D:

im too damn lazy to find the decimal.
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My post count is just silly as I only ever post in the Pit or in the Machine Head Thread in the Metal Forum.
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620 posts

=> 57%
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Posts: 258
Views: 917

So....917/258= 3.55

3.55 Profile views for every post?
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Post: 136
Views: 553

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11 posts

1,566/11 = 142.3636363636...
55 views divided by 22 posts =2.5
which equals 250%
or you could say 250.0000000000000000000000%

What is the point of this little calculation???
About 320 forum posts, a little over 1000 profile views, quite suprising actually.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.

Posts are 13% of views
Views are 767% of posts

So about 7.5 views per post.

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its like basic math. 1 + -1 = 1
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I dont understand why we r doing this.
Why did u start this thread?-do numbers excite you?


5.5 rounded up is 6 views per post roughly.

This seems a little pointless though.
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Profile Views: 327
Forum Posts: 309

For every forum post x, I get a profile view y=1.0582524271844660194174757281553.
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5.5 rounded up is 6 views per post roughly.

This seems a little pointless though.

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To be honest this is just something I've been wondering about.
287 view
105 posts.......

im too lazy to do the math
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well, this is rather silly because pit posts aren't included in "forum posts". Therefore I could post frequently and almost exclusively in the pit (like most of the more popular pit members), have a very small number of "forum posts" and a huge number of profile views.