Have to be quick.
New song, still unsure whether its worth carrying on with.
Any comments, crits, opinions welcome, good and bad.

Well I wasn't expecting much, but that was actually quite enjoyable.
The first 9 bars were great. Nothing wrong.
Bars 10-16 were also good, but I didn't care for the rhythm guitar thrown in for a measure. It didn't fit IMO.
Bar 18-19 had a really cool transition. I liked that a lot.
At 21, i think the piano should play harmony and not double the guitar.
I enjoyed the sound the strings brought at the end.

Definately worth keeping IMO. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of music, but there was something I really liked about this one.

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Why did it have to end??? That was amazing, and it's not even my kind of music. You better finish it. The piano and guitar sound great together. Contrary to what Stevie said, I think the rhythm guitar blends very well in measure 13. Now section by section:
1-9: the melody was very catchy, good job.
10-16: Perfect nothing wrong.
17-20: Good buildup with the drums, smooth transition.
21-31: similar to the first section, no issues.
32-34: only section I didn't like. The rhythm guitar contrasts too much with the strings.
35: a transition into a new part, hopefully?

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neato I'm not usually a fan of such music, but this was a really nice and pleasant listen, it was catchy yet melodic, and rhythmically varied enough to boot, just win do continue it, please!

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thats an amazing piece of modern pop-rock dude. the melody of the LEad-Gutiar is soo .. fairytale-ish xD. i cant really describe it. you should definitely carry on and I really look forward to the final version.