So i went onto yahoo last week with had money tips via
(the guy is a well known UK tv money 'expert'

At the bottom it shows working from home via 'teletech' , so i applied and forwarded my cv as well as national insurance details. After that they emailed back and asked to download a program to check my pc was capable of doing call centre tasks etc. it was a self extracting file which came up as a trojan virus. So i tried to contact them and havent been able to via email or online help.

Do you think this is a scam or not?
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Yeah. If it asks you to download something thats scans...it's a fake.
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Yeah pretty much.
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No. They told you to download a program thats actually a trojan, and then make sure you cannot contact them, just to verify to see if you've got anything important on your computer.
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also, yes, this is clearly a scam.
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