Due to the english grammar school system, i and others are begrudged to compete in house music, now, the problem is we have some good players (frusciante_50 mainly) and a few brass players who are okayish, but no strings. We also have a few half decent pianists but no strings as well as a choir of 12 year olds. We need to perform three songs, what we are going for is fairly listenable, although off the beaten track a bit, an example would be bold as love by hendrix, which we did last year. The more people we get in, the better. So, any suggestions?
For some reason the first thing that poped into my head was hotel california.
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Jazz songs sound good on talent shows so Hendrix does sound like a good option.

And if I were you, I'd try Africa.... BEST. CHOIR. SONG. EVER!

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Blue monk or rythmn-en-ing by thelonious monk would be good. Or maybe nothing ever happened by deerhunter?

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