So on my current guitar it's not a fixed bridge it's a floating something i think?

Anyway whenever i tune the 6th string down to a D from E, it sends the others out, i know this is kinda silly but it just annoys me that i have to go and retune all the others

But i'm wondering as my next guitar will be a fixed bridge with no locking nut or whatever, but i'm just wondering if i retune the 6th string from D to E will it have the same effect?

It's just the only thing that annoys me with guitars is different tunings
fixed bridges dont go out of tune when you only change one string. i use mine all the time for drop d and its never been a problem.
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It's fine for a beginner.
On topic - no, a fixed bridge guitar won't go out of tune so easily. On your 170 DX you can always block off the trem (google that), but if you don't want to, a good idea is to tune the strings in pair (low E then high E, A and B and so on)
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Look at the bridge itself, it will probably be raised when in E, you may need to adjust your trem bridge at the back to increase the tension so that the bridge stays down, i'm not quite sure of how the bridge on such guitar is, but it's probably similar to a stratocaster floating bridge, in which, at the back you can open it and there are screws into the wood, if you tighten those you will add more tension in the reverse direction, lowering the bridge.
Only thing I can think of is that you may need a good setup...Maybe you bridge is higher than it should be and when you detune one string the tension makes the oters go out of tune too...Can't think of something else!
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There's nothing wrong with the guitar, if you start messing with the tuning of one string the rest of the strings will go out of tune on ANY floating bridge.
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