Hi i need a processor for getting some distortion and cleans and also recording things etc. I had a pod xt live before which was good but i see that pod 2.0 already has most of the amp models i used with pod xt live. I will not need the pedals for a while. I play stuff like in flames, children of bodom also neoclassical and power metal stuff. i dont want to push the limits because im already gonna buy a new guitar and a motorbike. so will pod 2.0 do the work because i watched a lot videos on youtube and pod seems to have good distortion. what are your thoughts?
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OD/Distortion/Fuzz was the only thing I really didn't care for in the POD. The ProcoRat was good but that's about it for me. I replaced those models with individual pedals. 2.0 is the low end between the 3 you mention.
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the xt is an upgraded 2.0, and the x3 is an upgraded xt

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wait you already bought one..... a month ago, at least so you said

but yeah, on topic.

Off those three, the X3 live
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