This song is modestly named 'masterpiece' in the zip file with all my GP5 songs in (my Winzip trial expired so i can't make any more). A masterpiece is what i tried to create but is may have fell short of that - nevermind. What do you think?
Not bad.
The second solo needs some work, maybe add some different modes and better rhythm. Otherwise, this is pretty good. I liked the clean guitar.

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pretty awsome.
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Well overall it was a fairly decent track but I have to be honest, I almost completly lost interest in the Intro which just seemed to drag on for quite a while and seemed very average. It had its really good spots (IE: Bars 22-37 were amazing + the Lead Solo in the following bars) but really had its spots that sounded rough (IE: Bars 62 through the end). The track does have some potential given the great first Lead Solo and the parts at Bars 22-37 along with a few other spots but I think it needs quite a bit more work. If you work on it anymore and upload a new version let me know and I'll definitely check it out.

BTW: Thanks for the crit on my track. I've got a new version of mine up at the bottom of the topic in my sig if you feel like checking it out when you get a chance .