Ibanez Sound Gear SR305PWF 5-String Fretless Bass, It retails at about $350, If anyone has ever played it or heard it, can you please give me some info about it? I'm thinking about purchasing it and your opinion would mean alot to me, Thanks.
p.s. theres a pic of the said bass attached.
Well. I own a soundgear. I only play Ibanez basses, and my btb is my favorite. The soundgear isnt to bad. Mine came with active DBX pickups, and plenty of knobs.

If the bass your buying is exactly like the one in the picture, and its fretless, I believe its a steal.

I've always wanted a fretless bass, with painted fret lines.
Yes, I would definitely get it. The only other real option in that price range is the vm jazz, but it's a four string.

I highly doubt you'd regret it- Ibanez makes great basses. Just be aware that the tighter string spacing makes it a bit more difficult for slap, if that's what you intend to do with it