Not going to lie, that pretty much blew my mind.
I actaully enjoyed how intense it got, and how many layers got added in.
It gives you a lot to listen to, and all the parts went together really well.
And I loved the effects around 3:42!

Good job man (Y)

That was completely amazing!
I've never seen anyone so adept at using a looper.
This video alone makes me want to go and get a proper one RIGHT now.

The way the whole track builds up to a saturation point and then just stops at 3:01 was pure genius. Your use of all those various instruments was very creative.

*slightly* overdone at parts but overall, very well executed.

if you don't mind.
man i love your stuff, i remember listening to it in the past, its expired me to do some looping stuff of my own aswell. On this practicular track, it seems like from the beginning the guitar seemed a little out of time. and it also seemed to get a little a little too complicated. but again the solo work was amazing and yet again a great preformance

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Me playing
Thanks so much! I don't think the guitar is out of time as much as the delay effect I used for the intro guitar loop may make it sound like. Either way, thanks for the crits everybody. Crits returned!

My tunes generally run 6-7 minutes when I'm looping. Depending on the situation and ones music style likes it can either be too long or too short so I just do what I do for my own tastes. Thanks for the crit!

the guitar tone could be a little beefier for me, Love the tone of the bass!
nice cowbell, everything you add makes it nicer! I really liked the backing track you gathered at around 01:55!
nice breakdown at 03;00 great bass fiddles afterwards!
Crazy **** at 03:40, I love those kind of wacked out-not even sounding like guitars anymore-tones
Awesome solo near the end, I'm really impressed!
Kudos to you, I respect wat you did here, the only thing I dislike is how there's no variation in drums or backing track, but that's part of the live looping feel ofcourse,
5 thumbs up man!

Crit mine?
Yeah, until I acquire my new loop station there really isn't much room in a small span of time to add changes melodically. Thanks!!

You sir have a talent. This was one of the most original tunes I have heard for a long time. I would love to see you live! It's really creative and unique yet it still sounds really groovy and interesting. I especially liked the guitar playing at the end - not only are you a badass looper but you're awesome at guitar as well! I can't really think of anything wrong with this piece seeing as you seem to know your way around a looper so well!

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