So has anyone here ever had to deal with Behringer, as in the company itself? Meaning customer service, or ordering, or anything like that?

I lost a power cable to my Behringer mixer a couple of years ago (yes, my fault completely, i know) and my warranty was already expired, so i went in to my local guitar center and ordered a new one. (behringer uses a specific power cable for all of their mixers, it's not anything you can just go out and buy)

30 dollars later, i was told it would be 'less than a week'. I assumed it would be a little bit longer and that they were just putting me at ease. No big deal, so i went home and played the waiting game.

It has now been almost 3 months since i ordered it. I have periodically gone into guitar center to ask the status, and as of a couple of days ago, the company still hasn't authorized my purchase.

Behringer is located in Germany, right? So naturally it would make sense for a shipment to take a while.....but 3 months? I'm just getting a little mad now.

Anyone have a similar experience that could fill me in on why it's maybe taking so long?

I really wanna use my mixer
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behringer = sh!t

that appears to be the moral of the story
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Id get my money back and try looking on the internet. The problem might be guitar center.

What mixer is this?
If its gonna be that hard to get an original special power cord from behringer time to modify things. The jacks used in amps are easy enough to get as is the cord. Get one of those and do what you gotta do to get it to fit.
every time ive dealt with behringer's customer service, it was absolutely sh!tty.

hell, you cant even find a ****ing manual for my amp on their site, i sent them an email 4 months ago, and go nothing back to this day.

for those saying "you dont need an manual for an am lul", it would be nice to have a manual to help deal with the stupid presets.
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