Poll: Which guitar is more versatile?
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Flying V
5 28%
Ibanez RG series
13 72%
Voters: 18.
Which guitar has more versatility? I play mostly metal, but i also like to play blues.
Which one? The Gibson Flying V is quite versatile, but if you get an RG with HSH or coil tap, it'll be versatile too.
do you mean tonally or the guitar itself? i have both and i hardly ever use my v simply because its too awkward (sitting etc) but it plays way better than my RG. your choice really
what kinda V is it?, there are many different kinds, but Sitting with a V isnt as hard as some people say it is, you get use to it. It doesnt take alot to get a good blues tone, so any metal guitar, just role back the gain or volume, and you got a blues tone, id go with the V.
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Id say the RG if it is a HSH setup, Also V's are extremely ackward to play sitting down imo.
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From someone who has both, for those two styles, the rg wins by a long shot(as long as its an hsh and not a rg with a crappy trem)
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Ibanez definetly...better cleans and just overall easier to play.
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personally, I prefer V's. I've never owned an Ibanez so I can't really speak for their versatility. Based on public conception, they seem to be pretty versatile. But I never use a trem, never really found a legit use for it, so I'd go for a V.
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