My dad is building me a guitar, and he wants me to Specify all the details for him. This is his first attempt and neither of us really know all the ins and outs of guitar making. He's making me a Les Paul shaped guitar. I have an LTD F401 and it has "XJ" frets which i really like, but it has 24 frets. There is really no need for 24 frets on this les paul he is making me because i won't be able to reach the last 2 or 3 frets very easily. So like in my thread Title, my question is: Can you make a 25.5 scale neck with 22 frets and make it work? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated by both me and my Dad.
Yes. I am quite sure. I think most fender necks are 25.5 scale with 21 frets, so you'd have to just figure out how to match the notes up and such, I forgot the word.
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yes you can, as long as all the other frets are in the same relative position. fenders traditionally have 25.5" scale with 21 frets, but some models they simply add another overhanging fret on the end so their 22 and 21 fret necks are interchangeable.
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Absolutely, i have a tele copy with such a neck. If you don't want to make one you can buy one from carvin.
Sure. In fact, most MIA Fenders have 22 frets now.
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Fender uses this scale on their 21 and 22 fret strats, so yes, it can be done.
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