hey pit I'm home alone give some ideas to do in the day, I wanna start to disturb right now.

I have a list right now
1.) killing spree
2.) drunk/stoned
3.) Rape
4.)and maybe fap

but seriously any other sane ideas?

side note: I'm hearing the new songs of maylene and the sons of disaster right now, anybody likes them? I think they are weak compared to their first albums but I lke the rob zombie and zz top influence
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i assumed you had just punched the keyboard or something. i had no idea that song actually existed.

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Kurt Cobain. He practically doesn't even have a face anymore. ...
WWIII (WW3 not wii =P)
Soon, death metal's drums will be so fast only computers will be able to listen to it.

94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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Tidy the house and then do some additional studing for school. Then renounce satan. All the cool kids are doing it.
you could fap till you pass out...

or if you have a few bucks to throw around you could make some diet coke/ mentos bombs, that passes time...
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dude you have a razorback explosion?!?!
im so jealous

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Munky has a reason. A reason to live. *applauds*

I understand this is the first time you've been left alone at home.
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sig worthy.
I would just get really stoned if I were you. Or you could have some friends over and get really stoned and drunk.
you could act responsible, stay on the internet asking people for something 'cool' to do, even though youve never met them, and they dont do any of the things they will tell you (except fap); because in reality you are just going to remain bored, surfing the web anyway.

this thread is pointless.
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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...
4 while 2, then do 3 before you set off on 1. Post pics.

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I'm imaging myself re-enacting this but with a S&M suit and mixing it with the stewie sexy party. ummmm pleasure

I'm a swimmer, and I just got my new racing trunks in; they're very, VERY tight. I sang this song at a bar with no shirt on. I got into a barfight. It was a gunfight. I brought a knife. I lost.

I write songs.
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