Hi, I've had my Jackson Rhoads RR24 for almost 6 six months and it was not set up. I loved the way it sounded, high gain but it was crystal clear. It had light gauge strings on it and I had it tuned low so the strings were like noodles but it sounded really good.

I decided to get it set up by a profesional. So i went and got Blue steel .11-52 for Drop B tuning. He cleaned it all up, lowered action, did all that jazz, the strings feel very good on it.

BUT, it doesn't sound good now. The distortion isn't clear. Like say when I go do a chunky riff, it just sounds messy. The tone is different.

I realize that the tone was going to change a bit cause of the thicker strings but holy crap I'm disapointed cause I had the best metal sound ever with a guitar that wasn't set up. Now that its set up it is easier to play but it sounds worse.

The guy that did the set up was recomended my guitar teacher, he is a working musician. He said he isn't a metal guy, could that be reason why it doesnt sound as good?

Can anyone give me an idea of what happened?
Maybe try lowering the pickups a bit, the thicker strings have a lot more power in their vibrations then the little guys did, so maybe it's just getting all muddy cause of that.