aaall right
so it was my birthday thursday (the day farrah and michael died )
and i got some gearz for myself =)

so first of all, i bought an MXR micro-amp, so i could record loops at different volumes mainly (on my newly acquired boss rc-2 + footswitch that i got last week), and it does just that =) i wanted to get an electro harmonix lpb1, since it was cheaper, but the store didn't have it in stock, so i just went for the dunlop. it's quite an awesome pedal actually, doesn't suck tone, and when it's turned on, well you notice a boost in volume, but there's no tone coloration whatsoever at all. and yeah, that's what i didn't know : if you put it before the input, you get some saturation in the gain instead of the volume increase, but if it's in the effects loop, it's just a volume boost.

next, i bought my first wireless system. i have used an audio technica system at a huge venue i played at 2 weeks ago, and i liked it a lot, so i bought the audio technica 3000 series. I played with it a lot, and it just doesn't sound like there's no wire, the tone is pretty much the same as when it's plugged in. It was a bit hard for me to set it up since i didn't know how it worked (and i didn't have any AA battery) but now that it's done, it's great. i'll use it for my forthcoming live gigs.

so that was just to quickly review the pieces of gear i've gotten. i'll just finish it with a group pic of my finished pedalboard (since there's no more room on there) and my wireless =)
actually, nevermind the pics, i can't find the adapter for my memory card, so i'll upload them later

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