When my ex broke up with me i was hurt. I wrote nad wrote. Now i gues you could say she is out of my head. Now its like i cant write anything. I t dont come as easily now. Is this the norm. What can i do to get back into the feeling. I was thinking of free writing
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Regardless if I can write one day, i do it anyway. At least once a day, even without inspiration and even if it's complete crap, I write something. A line, story, poem, verse, song etc. So I would recomend doing this. It will help to trigger your writing and then when you get inspired, you'll be able to write even better. Hope that helped.
Well you need to find some new inspiration. Almost all good music comes from an inspiring thought, so even if you are inspired by the lint that comes off your freshly washed socks, you still have to have inspiration of some sort.