well, i'm redoing my double neck again (bass/guitar), but this time, it's everything: necks, pots, kahler bridge for the guitar neck, my girlfriend is going to make the whole body an awesome art project, and more and more...

but, from the last time, (of which i'm sure noone remembers) i screwed up putting the guitar neck. in the heat of getting the new neck, i drilled it freehand, and after drilling it in, there was about a 16th of an inch gap between the neck and the heel (non-body end of the heel). anyway, this screwed up the action majorly. so now i'm freaked out to put in another neck, cause i'm afraid i'll kill it again. i dunno, i have no worries with anything else, just this...

AND, i ordered a new bass neck. and i got it the other day, and tried it out (i clamped it in place). it's the right scale length, BUT not the right length. i ordered the correct scale length, but for this neck to have that scale length, part of the bridge is hanging off the body. as far as i know, there's no way to add length to the heel of the neck, but i could be wrong (and there wouldn't be frets there). do you guys have any ideas on how i could make this work?

cheers and thanks in advance
you could try to dove-tail some extra wood on the bass neck. I'm really not familiar with what would be the best for this.
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