Okay so I'm unsure of what this means exactly its a slide symbol but its infront of a chord so i'm abit confused what am I sliding infrom? And then how exactly do you do a slide to an open string.. i've never actually came across any tabs which have slides to 0. As well as there being a question mark after one of the chords.. which means what that.. whoever tabbed it dosnt know if its correct? And then one other thing is in some guitar pro tabs I see sideways lines going from one note to another for example like 5 (sideways line)6 but you get the idea. If someone could either direct me to a website which would be helpful to clear these things up for me or just explain to me what I'm not getting.. I would appreciate it. thanks. and heres a link to that tab http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/n/no_cash/a_better_tomorrow_tab.htm

Gtr. 1
D|-/-17-16-14-12-10?9-7-5?-| 3x

T -----|
Whoever tabbed it forgot to let go of shift and got "?" instead of "/"

As for the other question it basically means slide into the chord. Depending how long the slide is maybe start 2 or 3 frets lower and slide up to the chord you need to be on.
this ^ ^ ^ and also, for the slide 12/0 you just like slide to 1 then quickly lift your finger off to sound the open string, in one quick motion to make it sound smooth
okay would you just go right off or do a motion like a pulloff at the end to get the sound of the open note?
I always thought it meant to just slide into the note or chord. Wherever I've seen it in tab, it's always meant to be fairly quick - the note you start on doesn't matter, because you won't be hearing it for very long. You just want to give the sound of a slide, stopping clearly on the given note.

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okay would you just go right off or do a motion like a pulloff at the end to get the sound of the open note?

Depends on how clear and noticeable you want the open note to be.
For sliding into an open string, I usually slide to beyond the nut. If I slide into a note from an open string, I have my finger behind the nut and slide from there. Personally I think it sounds alot more smooth.
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Thanks, I just thought of something though, how would you perform a slide from 0/12 though? It doesn't seem entirely possible unless I'm not getting something.
The same method I described above. It could take some practice to slide onto the exact fret that you want your finger to land on, but you'll get it. It only took me two days to master long slides.
Well, yea I understand what you explained but im asking about sliding from an open string to a fretted note. Because it would seem that sliding from an open note would kill the sound from the open note. unless all your doing is basically the opposite as in plucking the open note hammering onto the note on the first fret then sliding to the note that you want to slide to? Is that right?
That's how most people do it, but I hold my finger behind the nut and slide from the very top of the string. As I said, it makes a smoother sound.