Hey everybody, I recently received a Digitech RP255, via UPS , and I love it! It made my crappy Marshall Valvestate sound spectacular in my ears, and the features are great for the price, but I really bought it for recording directly into my computer as advertised. Now, I know the Cubase software that comes with it is what is optimized for it, and what is the greatest for it, but I would prefer using my Garageband 08 software instead. With Garageband I have the ability to record with my MIDI keyboard also, and I like that feature. I don't know if the Cubase software allows me to do that too, but I'd rather use Garageband for comfortability sake. One of the main reasons that I actually went ahead to buy this pedal (besides its great sound- My opinion), was that a UG'er told me that I could use Garageband with the RP255, but his instructions don't seem to work on my computer, as far as I know. So, I guess what I'm asking is to see if anybody knows how I would be able to record my guitar onto Garageband with my Digitech. Thanks!
I am a Stephenist