In a couple of minutes, I will be taking my own life.

This is my desperate attempt of convincing myself I will not die alone. Even though I know full well that no one will remember who I was.

I wanted to say I'm sorry. And even if I hate you so much right now, James, you still have my heart.

And Mom, I love you more than Dad. But Daddy, I admire you a whole lot. I'm sorry your kids couldn't have made you more proud.
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...the hell? Don't do this to yourself. Talk to me. I know you don't know me and I don't know you, but I feel like we're strangely connected. I want to help you. Don't go through with this. You might think you won't wake up tomorrow with a brand new happy world, but time really changes everything. Don't quit now. You can get through this.

If you're serious, I'm begging you to call 911 right now.
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Why do I doubt your going to kill yourself. Your probably just one of those people that wants attention.

EDIT: Jesus wouldn't kill yourself. But seriosly... don't kill yourself, it's the easy way out.
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Hey, hey, slow down. I almost did this exact same thing a year or two ago, slow down and explain why first.

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Do NOT do this.

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Dude, what the HELL? DON'T DO IT. Suicide solves NOTHING.
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Why do I doubt your going to kill yourself. Your probably just one of those people that wants attention.


TS, don't do it. Right now it seems like everything is ****ed up. I know, because it feels that way to me. But life only gets better once you have someone to vent to. PM me if you want to talk, but don't kill yourself.

If you even want to see how badly your suicide will affect those around you, tell your mom you plan on offing yourself. See her reaction. How could you do that to her? People do love you, just look for it.
I do hope you're joking, dear, I've seen your posts on the forum and you seem like a cool girl. Why don't you tell us what's wrong instead first?
Who comes to UG for their last moments?

Actually I would too
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

So you think suicide is the only way? Everybody has their own lover out there. Please, stay in this world. This world is where you want to be. What, are you gonna just be in the afterlife alone, instead of being with many friends and lovers in this world? Come on. Just talk it through with all of us. Trust me, suicide is not the way. IS that really the way you want to go? In a selfish manner, make everybody you know cry and break their hearts? IS that really what you want? Or do you want to continue to make people happy and continue to love others? Just don't kill yourself. My brother only threatened to, and it messed up my family. My friends dad did, and it ****ed up his family. Think about what you're about to do.
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Dude, what the HELL? DON'T DO IT. Suicide solves NOTHING.


I almost did this same thing before, man. And let me tell you, I'm so happy that I didn't.