I recently posted here about returning my Marshall MG, just did it today and I decided between these two for a new amp. Tried both and loved them, the Roland plays great classic rock, I played some Boston and it sounded great. With the Vypyr, some Metallica and Rush, the effects make it sound very authentic. Those are my three favorite bands.

I really really can't decide for myself, I need you guys to help me out. Which one is better in terms of technical stuff? I know the Vypyr has some issues with the power switch, but it doesn't matter much to me because this is solely a bedroom practice amp.

I've even been going into which one looks better (I know, I know, I really can't decide). I don't like the shape of the Cube, but the Vypyr is huge for a 30 watt.

I heard the cube has some issues with single coil guitars while it is in idle mode, but I have a Strat, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Please don't suggest another amp, I really don't want to make this into a 3 way pull. The Cube and Vypyr are only $10 apart, so price isn't an issue. Please help UG.
take the vypyr has more effects and more variety if you ever get into some other band that youre interested in playing
i have a 30 and it is quite big but i love it
plays all those bands perfectly and you can have some real fun with some of the effects
oh and for some of the previous problems are already fixed
(mine froze up only once before) with the update that shuold be software version 1.5 i think ( not too sure) but you can go to the vypyr forum on peaveys page and find out but ive had no problems so far and it does excelent metallica
Ok, I'm leaning slightly towards the Vypyr now. I just want to be able to play whatever I want, I don't want a huge limitation, such as my MG not being able to get Metallica sounds out of it.