Hey all here's a song i just wrote today, I'd appreciate some feed back and ill c4c.
Vocals may be added later.
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You and your progressive metalcore!

Just kidding!

The first riff is pretty decent, it's catchy in some places, good job.

The riff that follows it is amazing, It's so simplistic, yet I love the groove to it.

Eh, the lead riff on guitar I isn't too good, I don't know, the part kind of gets boring.
(Vocals would help some)

The lead riff with that rhythm underneath sounds cool, it really beefs up the sound.

The breakdown is decent, nothing special.

Overall I'd give it a 7/10

Yes, poop.
The beginning reminded me a lot of Scale the Summit. Very cool.
13 was alright, but it wasn't anything spectacular.
The lead at 29 was cool at first, but I think it went on too long without any variation.
The song is flowing very well. Nothing feels forced.
Not a fan of the breakdown at 62. But I usually don't like them anyways.
I would add a note at the beginning of 78. It feels kinda akward just cutting out like that.
Outro was fine. Nothing bad except for what i already said about that lead.

Cool song, but it had a lack of memorable melody. Oh, one other thing i forgot to say was good job with the bass. Too many people in this forum just half-ass the bass parts and it kinda irritates me. Bass part was well done.

C4C? Any of the links in my sig.
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