Im just wondering what the best Fuzz pedal option is for me?
I play alot of Muse style music and basically im Addicted to Fuzz.
But at the moment im just using a POD XT, not even the live version. As you can probably tell it isnt the most convenient of pedals to carry around, Let alone it belongs to my dad.

I was been looking at the Fuzz Factory, but to be honest it seems over priced so then I started looking elsewhere and came across the Boss FZ-5 and the Big Muff Pi.

Has anyone else got some recommendations?
Also, Anyone know the difference between the russian and USA versions of the Big Muff Pi?

usa has a bunch more noises and "pops" in the signal. Think icky thump album by the white stripes.

I bought the russian one. ITs creamier, less noisy, and a little more versatile IMO, but I would love to have both.

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I'd go for the USA over the Russian then.
The Big Muff Pi is half the price of a FF but I still cant decide between the two.
Quote by Skierinanutshel
they both are very different beasts. get both eventually i'd say.

I like your way of thinking!
I think I'll probably go for the Big Muff now(ish) and maybe try and embed a Fuzz Factory in my guitar build.

I'd get the Zvex if it wasn't for me wanting Germanium diodes instead. I'd really only use it for vintage rock. I tested one from the used section in LnM when I was off buying the Fulltone pedals and thought it was pretty good, though I haven't played a Big Muff yet.

Try it out and see how you like it!
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I just bought a will sledge fuzz pedal. It is essentially a fuzz factory clone for 115$. It's my first fuzz pedal, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Here's a video demo somebody made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es4XIZ8qGhU

That does look good.
But I'm in the UK?
i have a usa muff and i think it rocks,it sound great


NO NO NO NO NO to the boss fuzz
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