Now, Pit, I hear a lot of people saying how much the newer Pokemon suck, but could we do any better?

I propose we find out, you can use Paint or whatever other mediums come to mind to draw your idea for a Pokemon, you can write a bit about it, its type, moves etc. As little or as much as you like really.

PS: Oh and inb4 several Pokemon who look like penises with the moves Harden and String Shot.
Wait, anyone who claims that Turtwig sucks will be get a dead baby seal in their bed.
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Oh yeah, just remembered.
One that looks like a vagina, and uses 'water gun'.
And hyper beam.
And guillotine.

Some kind of strange rabbit-mouse that burns everything with electrical charges...

oh wai...
Charizard + Blastoise = Win
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^^^ Oh My Lord!
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forbidden fruit

White_Venom1993 I think I love you.

You brave, brave soul.
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White_Venom1993 reported. I hope the thread doesn't close. I want to create!
Oh my God.

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