Hey, I've been playing for a good 6 months.

The stuff I use is an
Epiphone SG-400
And a Line 6 Spider III Amp

And I like messing with the effects that the amp offers on board, but I want to go past that.
I've been looking online, and before I say anything else my budget is 150$.

I was looking around and I found this, which caught my eye.

I also looked at the Line 6 Pod Pedal series, I just don't like how they restrain stuff like reverb and tape echo to the same knob and it limits a lot.

But I need some opinions on the Digitech I just saw.
Also one more question, say I blow my Amp.

Could I use that effects pedal or any that has a headphone jack and hear it? Or would I need an Amp always?
i have the exact same gear as you (with 15 watt spider 3) and i use a digitech rp90. they are good pedals. ive never had any problems with mine, and it is a good first pedal because it combines so many pedals for under the price of one pedal. i think you can use just the pedal with no amp. i think ive tried it before, but im not sure
I have a couple of Digitech pedals. My brother-in-law is a TV-Radio repairman, so he knows a good bit about electronics. I had him take a look at one of my pedals 'cause of a slight malfunction and he was impressed by the quality of the parts built into the pedal. He asked how much I paid for the pedal and then replied that it didn't leave much room for profit for Digitech.
In plainer speech: good price / value
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I have the Rp250 good model range of effects that cater for alot, so it would be a good pick. One problem is the distortion effects aren't always great so don't rely on it for just drive. Otherwise good peddle and 350 can only get better.

The peddle should have a headphone jack as mine does so you can play without an amp.
The best thing really is to go to a shop and tell them how much money you've got to spend and ask to see all of the effects boards you can afford, and just try them out. Personally, I'd go with Boss effects.

As for your headphone question, I'm a bit of a noob with effects but I'll take an educated guess and say no. I mean, I have a Boss ME-70 which has a built in pre-amp, and it has a headphone/recording socket built into it, so I'm guessing mine would work. But something without a pre-amp in, I don't think you could, let me know if I'm wrong lol.
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get a digitech rp350
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Ok right now I'm strongly leaning towards the Digitech RP350
But I'll go to a GC near me and see a good pedal in my range thanks!
My friend sold it to me for 80$ and the Amp for 50$ and called it an SG-400

His fault not mine haha
I would choose the Zoom G2 over the digitec. I've found the Zoom G2 to be great value for money. Lot's of different amp models and effects in a small, durable housing. It might take a while to figure all the settings out and find the sweet spot for each sound, but it does give some very nice results.
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Spiders don't take pedals well and with all the features built into the spider I wouldn't want a multi fx.

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I say a zoom g1x....decent number of effects for a low price. Pretty good sounding
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