I just recently acquired the two on one CD 'Stands for Decibels/Repercussion' by them, listening now, its very good =D

Any other fans?
Amazing band!

Stands for Decibels is an incredible album. One of the best albums of the 80s, in my opinion, and definitely one the most important. It's a shame that they don't get the recognition they deserve.
I've been mainly listening to Stands for Decibels, its really wonderful =D Its got a great mix between the little arty touches and great pop songwriting
^That is a badass song

My favourites are Big Brown Eyes and I'm In Love, classic power pop =D

Shes Not Worried is great too, reminds me so much of Pet Sounds era Beach Boys
bump (AKA listen to this band, people >.>

I'm really liking The Fight , the guitar solo is farkin' epic
^ yeah, that song is great.

Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey (from the dB's) had a new album out last month. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this thread. I checked out a few songs on their site there... I think I'll just stick with listening to the dB's.
black and white is so good. I got to see Chris Stamey one time, kind of struck me as an Alex Chilton lite
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Thought I'd bump this ancient thread tay ****, I've been listening to these guys non-stop again

Anyone who remotely likes pop/power pop needs to get Stands for Decibels right now