Its another amp thread.

I need your opinions on these amps.



I've been playing bass for about 8 months and am ready to move up from my Fender Rumble 15. These are my two candidates to replace my current amp. I don't need a huge amp right now, but I do need a bigger one and don't want to have to buy another one too soon. Which one would you pick?


P.S- If you have any suggestions for a better amp, that would be great too.
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Yep it is 200 watts at 4 ohms, yes i do believe it has a second speaker output. I also believe the speaker in it, is a 4 ohm speaker. Pretty pointless really.
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Out of those two, the B200.

One hundred watts dosnt seem that great really, probably too loud for practice and not loud enough (without turning it all the way up) to play with some friends.

Since you dont want to have to buy a new amp very soon why not just go ahead and kick out the extra $150 for the B200.
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whats yout top budget? can you buy used? what genres do you play?

Oh yeah sorry. My parents said they would pay for most of either amp if I paid a small part of the cost. Used is an option. I live close to a large music store (http://www.billsmusiconline.com/) with a lot of used equipment. I play mostly rock (all types). I do not play slap or funk.
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I just glanced and thought his name was tampon.

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If you have the cash and want an Acoustic get the B200.

Really all to be said.

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