Hey guys, I leave you here with two of my semi-covers since they're not the full songs.

Nothing Else Matters


To Live is to Die

To Live is to Die cover is a bit off sync towards the end, I'm just starting on editing software! ^.^

My rig:

Epiphone Special II

Peavey VYPYR 15W

try putting it on youtube, most people, myself included dont want to have to download anything. the first one was ok, not bad but seemed out of tune, i liked to live is to die, well put togeather and good timing until like you said the end. overall not bad good luck and welcome to UG
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Hmm, I never posted anything on youtube and I don't relly feel like editing a video or a presentation when this is just sound, mp3 file. Is there any website where I can stream this?


EDIT: ZBEST, in fact, now that I listened to it again (nothing else matters cover) it really seems it is out of tune. It was recorded a year agor though, my amp was a fender 10W. Big difference to the peavey.
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