I was thinking about trading my traynor YCV50 to a different amp, had my sights on an ac30 but i dont want to be close minded so i was looking at some fender amps. I've always loved fender amps but i never had a ton of experience with them so here's my question...

I know pretty much all fender amps have anywhere from a good to spectacular clean tones, but what about dirty tones? What are the differences (tone wise) between a vibrolux and a twin? a super reverb and a deluxe reverb? and etc... Which ones have more/less headroom? which ones can get dirty and which ones cant? I have heard of all these fender amps and i dont know which ones do this or that. Can anyone help me? Hope i'm not being too vague...

If it helps at all, if i were to get a fender i would like one that has a great clean tone but can also breakup early for some dirty tones. Willing to buy used... price range is 700-1000 USD. Thanx a bunch
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What style do you want to play?

I haven't owned a fender amp, but i hzve seen plnety of them "in action" live, and a few in the bedroom. They do hsve some great clean sounds, and some great dirty ones too, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SET THEM UP RIGHT! if you don,'t they turn into over trebly, thin, awful sounding amps, particularly if you are using a birght sounding axe like a fender guitar as well.

So I think from what you have said you can defintiely get the tones you want, but you have to spend some time fiddling to avoid a weak or very trebly ear peircing sound. Search some vids on youtube too see some great tones from them, my favourites are:



Good luck!
Hi Chuckleberry. Check out the Fender Supersonic. I think it would do exactly what you are looking for.

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Here are the fender combo amps that I have lots of experience with.

Champ: Bright, compressed, loose bass, spongy blues tone, not a lot of headroom, smooth overdrive
Tweed Princeton: Same amp as the champ except it has a tone pot for some treble roll off
Tweed deluxe: Less headroom than the champ, no true clean tone, slightly more bass, slightly tighter bass, still compressed, still bright, smooth overdrive
early Tweed Super: Lots of headroom, bright, spongy and compressed with smooth overdrive.
later tweed super: more headroom, brighter, less compressed, more bass, tighter bass, more defined overdrive.
tweed pro amps: Exactly the same amps as the super but with a 15" speaker. The 15" speaker gives more bass and has a more hollow midrange to it which many describe as greasy
later tweed bassman Punchy, bright, lots of headroom, full midrange, smooth distortion.
low power twin Punchy, bright, lots of headroom, lots of tight upper bass frequencys. Thick distortion
high power twin similar to the low power but the top end is a bit more brittle and the distortion is thinner.
Princeton reverb Moderate headroom, scooped mids, boomy bass, chimey, distortion is somewhere between smooth and fizzy and I'll call that chunky from hear on out.
Deluxe reverb Normal channel has lots of headroom vibrato has moderate headroom. Similar tone to princeton reverb but with more bass.
Super reverbNormal has lots of headroom while vibrato has moderate headroom. Very punchy and open with tight bass and scooped mids. Distortion from this amp is very raw and somewhat thin.
Twin reverb Very punchy and open. Tight bass that hits the low frequencies very well, scooped midrange, and aggressive treble with lots of sparkle. Overdrive is fizzy and unpleasant without the help of a pedal.
Blues Jr Kind of a cross between the Tweed and blackface deluxe. Bass is tighter and not as low frequency as the blackface but lower than the tweed. More headroom than the tweed. Generally a very balanced amp. The distortion channel is fizzy and horrible but the clean channel overdriven is smooth and defined.
blues deluxe and deville they sound very similar to the blues Jr but with a bit more sparkle in the high end and more power. The verouse speaker options can change the performance of the amp a lot.
hot rod amps Similar to the deluxe but with less definition and creamier overdriven tone and less top end chime.
modern champ 600 similar to the tweed champ but more defined and less compressed. Lacks the spongy bluesy feel of the original.
super champ Great clean tone. Modeling features and overdrive not so great. Punchy and defined.
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wow thats quite the list there. Thanks a bunch for the help! and i've tried the super sonic out several times and it wasnt anything worth bothering to trade my ycv50 for. not that it wasnt good, just wasnt as good as my ycv50 imo.
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I really like the '65 Super Reverb with a good les paul and PAF style pickups. The problem with that kind of amp though is that it's hard to try one out in the store and really get a feel for what it sounds like because you'd have to rev it up. But an overdriven Super Reverb or Deluxe Reverb just sounds great. I really like a lot of the tweed and blonde amps as well. The tweed and blonde bassman can really get pretty Marshall-y as well when you dial them in right.
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