Any POD XT owners here downloaded and tried the collector's classics or metal shop model packs ? whaddya think ?

I've got the 2 packs for $40 dollars deal and I wanna grab one of the aforementioned model packs to go with the fx junkie pack.

I think I'm more drawn to the metal shop pack. I would love to have some more high gain models to play around with. The "Deity's son" sounds pretty good in the preview, but I dunno, it seems like some of them might just end up being redundant. The default model pack with "treadplate dual" "spinal puppet" and the like seems to cover most of the metal tones I want pretty well.

I dunno though, any single model in that pack stand out especially well ? also how do the "Brit J-900 Cln", "L6 Sparkle Cln" tones sound?

The collector's classic seems to give a pretty good spread of modules, and damn the "double show" sounds really damn good....

So opinions? I know it's kind of a long shot but if anyone has any experience with these please share anything you love/hate about 'em !

I have all the packs. Great investment. I think since I have gotten the packs I have never used anything but the models on them. And the Brit J-900 Clean is my main clean tone, I really like it.

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