Anybody own an Ocean? I've been hearing about them for the first time recently, would like to know more about them.
Regin Smiður
I own a five string one, they're a subsidary of Laguna if I'm not mistaken, and Laguna is owned by Guitar Center. They're all $400 at most Guitar Centers; IMO the one I have is phenomenal for the price, considering its list pricing was $1200 or so. Essentially, it's:

Hipshot licensed tuners
Rosewood fretboard
Maple body
24 fret 5pc thru-neck maple/wenge/maple/wenge/maple
2 Bartolini soapbars, with a 5 band EQ. Also, they have an active passive switch, which can get it LOUD.

It's easy to play, and also has some cool looking bevels around the edges of the body and the horns. From the store I didn't get it set-up as I already thought the action was a good level, however there was a flew little flaws, but this is just a fret somewhat too high and the nut a bit to the left of the headstock. This is probably because they are built in Indonesia.

It's probably one of the best basses in the price range, though. Smokes MIM Fenders if you ask me.
Ocean- part of the Laguna brand, which is owned by Guitar Center, made with a factory formerly owned by Cort.

the design is very similar to a Cort design.

it uses Bartolini pickups. warm, with a slight mid scoop. it has a maple body, bright and punchy. neck thru design, kills some brightness, more sustain than a set neck or poorly made bolt on. it has a very thin, easy to puncture finish. also, it's neck, maple wenge, is punchy, but the dark bits have a really great feel. the body is well balanced, the EQ is versatile and plays around really good.

I don't like the way the barts run with the maple. more wenge would have helped.

that enough?
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sounds like the perfect bass.
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ehh. its not^ i really dislike the feel of them. but i play left handed with right handed guitars cause i play messed uped so that might play a part. but i usually am fine with it. i disliked the neck, the tone, and the body. but who knows.
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I own one, its a very nice bass, as a guy stated earlier the action is perfect right out of the store. The neck feels perfect compared to my SUB4, I can be laying down, sitting, slouching, standing and it always plays like butter. The tone immediately struck me as a brand new sorta sound, as it has a P-bass' thump with its own sharp, biting tone. It also has the most variety in tones I have heard from any bass yet, any tone you can think of you can easily dial it in with its low, mid, and high tone controls.

Only issue I have with it is that it feels a little too delicate, like when I'm shredding it feels like I could rip it apart, and sitting for a while with my forearm over the sharp body curve gets annoying at times. I also have found that when I changed the strings out the tuners "buzz" when I pluck a little too hard. Overall I give it a 8.5/10, as it does seem like the perfect bass, but like anything close to perfection, it has its flaws. If you have a chance to get it, go for it.
I see. They sound pretty damn good from what I just read. Thanks for the info.
Regin Smiður
They sound and play really great. I've played a number of four-string Ocean, both fretted and fretless - although they don't quite give me what I want in tone they are outstanding for the price. Play a few, and see what you think.