I have just come back after a moto-meeting in Osijek,and boooy it was fun.

There was some AC/DC cover band,and I've gotta hand it to ya,you don't see someone covering AC/DC with that kind of quality that often.The singer was quite Bon Scott-ish.

And before the bands the playlist was awesome.AC/DC once again,Billy Idol,Motorhead,Iron Maiden,...the only thing that was missing were Scorpions.

And there were some amazing motorcycles,I saw a Ducati 1098,GSX-R1000 K9,VFR800(not really anything special about the bike itself,but it has a V4 engine that has a really nice grunt),couple of race prepped ZX10R's,NSU350(oldie,but goodie),MT-01(it's quite rare),few RSV Mille,one of them power wheelied,boy the sound and the sight were awesome,loads of torque on that one.

Tomorrow I'm bringing a friend who's a professional photographer,so I'll upload pictures.
Hodam,a stojim...
me and you both mate,the sounds I heard...awesome...all day,tire screeching,4cyl roaring...ugh...I could live like that every day
Hodam,a stojim...