we have a metal band here in gwinnett county looking for bassist and perhaps a new lead guitarist.
what do you play?
I'm in DeKalb county, I love playing metal, rock, etc. Mostly metal, like Priest and Metallica and Slayer.
Regin Smiður
Forgot to include: Been playing guitar for a while, been playing bass for a few months. I recently played bass in a band that was mostly Indie-rock, didn't enjoy it. We split up
Regin Smiður
we're a metalcore band influenced by bands like the devil wears prada, as i lay dying, killswitch engage.

if you're interested in playing bass, let me know!
our lead guitarist is busy lately, and we might need to replace him, so yeah.
Just to warn you, I'm alright at bass. Much better @ guitar, but I don't mind playing either.
Regin Smiður
Yeah, you can see my old band playing a gig at Maddys. here's a link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyBtmG__YEk

I'm on the far right playing bass can't see (or hear) me too well, because the amplifier was awful, and the bass was also terrible. I had to borrow one from someone else, because this gig was really last minute.
Regin Smiður
dekalb county. that isn't TOO far from gwinnett right?
any chance we can jam sometime this week?

we'll probably be looking for a lead guitarist cause it's more important than a bassist right now.
do you have a myspace?
Yeah, but I don't use it at all. I sort of destroyed it and made it look like a really ghetto myspace that are littering the site. I use Facebook alot more. Do you have one?

Yeah, Gwinnetts it's not a horribly long way. Sure, I could jam anyday this week.
Regin Smiður
no sorry.
but one of our lead guitarist does, so give me yours, and we'll message you sometime this week if we're free to jam.
Oh yeah do you guys have any videos or audio clips of ya'll playing?
Regin Smiður