so theres an add on craigslist that says "vintage marshall lead 12" there was a NAD with one of these the other day i think. The listing says he want 50$ for it, is this a good deal? If it is I'm probably gonna get a bit more detail and if it checks out I'll buy it.
its probably an MG
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no pics, it was a pretty uninformative add, it just said "guitar amps, bass amp" and when i opened it up it said vintage marshall lead 12-50$

"PEAVEY RAGE 108 --$25.00 Vintage Marshall Lead 12-$50.00; Hilgen Tube Bass Amp-$125;Washburn J9 w/bixby guitar-$375; Double Neck Dulcimer- $150. Lots of guitar tab/magazines. Surround sound. Washburn guitar stool. 26" Women's 15 speed bicycle, 13" color TV, bedding, children's toys, small household items, end tables, TV Amoire ($40)."

thats the whole add.