Howdy guys i started playing dragon quest 5 and im almost done with it now, ive also played thorugh 7 and 8th about 3 times and well imo its probably on par with final fantasy series just a little more repetitive imo. Anyway im pretty addicted to DQ5 atm i just beat buorne and got the final key. that damn cloak is annoying to get though so im gonna say fudge it

But yeah after 5 is done with i was gonna play either 6 or the remake of 3 on the snes. anyone have any cool stories about this great and underrated series?
I only played 7, which was awesome until I got stuck after my guys had their magic taken away, and we just lost Kiefer.
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......the **** is dragon quest!?

a traditional style RPG but half of them didnt get released in america until recently on the ds

Dragon quest 8 is the most recent i think 1-6 were on nen and snes. 7 on ps1, 8 on ps2...you should check it out if youre a fan of rpgs