Two of the screws in my guitar are buzzing when i'm playing. It cant be heard when its plugged into an amp but I play alot at home without an amp and the buzzing sound is pretty annoying.

I've circled the culprits in the picture above. I've tried tightening them, it just raises the pickup and it doesnt seem to help the problem anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.
get it check out at samash or whatever. it may be in internal problem thats kinda hard to do without pro help
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my SG does that, i think its just the springs vibrating against the screw. its nothing to worry about though.
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Hmm so theres nothing I can do to get rid of the problem myself?

my SG had that problem, try moving the pickup forward or backwards, kinda like wiggling it very slightly. It'll settle and stop the buzzing.