I'm looking to buy a new guitar, as my Squire Strat isn't quite cutting it for me anymore. Hoping to spend between $500 and $600 Canadian, but will go a bit over if it gives a sizable increase in quality.

I play mostly rock and metal (Iron Maiden, little bit of ACDC, some Billy Talent, RHCPeppers, etc).

I've been told that Ibanez's RG series is one of the best in that price range, and I've also been told that ESP/LTD offers much better performance than Ibanez for the money. I've looked around at my local stores (http://www.tomleemusic.ca and http://www.long-mcquade.com/) and they have a decent selection, but I can't choose between ESP/LTD and Ibanez, and am not sure if either of those are even best for me.

Body style isn't a big factor, but comfort is always a plus.

What do you guys suggest?
Ibanez S series
any of them have REALLY good tremolos on them, even the cheap ones( unlike ESP/LTD)
but if you want a fixed bridge guitar, ESP has good ones
but id really reccomend Ibanez RG or S series S>RG tho
I'm not a fan of schecters, I do like Ibanez, mostly for their necks and bridges. I'm not too fond of esp's but they can be better than ibanezes if you know what your looking for. What's important to you (i.e. tone, trem or no, wood type, neck width, etc.)
LTD 400 series, Jackson DK2M, Cheaper scheter models are all great guitars that would fit. Also an mim strat would work perfectly if you have a versital amp.
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Quote by ripjoestrummer
What's important to you (i.e. tone, trem or no, wood type, neck width, etc.)

I'd prefer a set bridge, mostly because I heard that unless you have a high quality floating bridge, they're more hassle than they're worth. My current guitar won't stay in tune for more than a day. I'll have to check the guitars out in person to find a tone that I like. This will be my second guitar, so I've not had much experience with different neck widths, I'll have to check them out in person as well.

At the moment, the top contender is the RGR421EXFM for $570. Opinions?

Thanks for your help so far, everyone.