Looking for a good chorus or rotary speaker pedal in the $100-$150 range. The sound im trying to shoot for is an eric clapton type sound like in Presense of the Lord or his cover of Little Wing. I just saw him on his tour with Steve Winwood. I can't figure out if hes using a chorus pedal or a Lesile Speaker of some kind. I read somewhere he uses a chorus pedal, but now i read that hes using lesile speakers. So, im looking for a pedal that gives me that sort of sound. I was looking at the Boss CE-5 or the CH-1. I don't know what the difference between those two are. Then, i came accross the Dunlop Uni-Vibe, which seems exactly what i want. Any opinions?
the boss rt-20 has a lesile speaker simulation and uni-vibe in one pedal
but its $200
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I assume your talking about the live versions of Little Wing/Presence from the Madison Square Garden and not the studio versions? E

according to http://www.uberproaudio.com/content/view/153/38/ Clapton uses a "Leslie Pedal", a boss chorus pedal, and a tremolo pedal. However, this site isn't always the most accurate as far as gear is concerned. I would try a univibe pedal personally, because it kind of combines chorus and tremolo. I would check out the Dunlop or the BBE Soul Vibe, which I will be purchasing any day now

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the electro-harmonix stereo clone theory chorus also has a vibrato function... not sure if that's exactly what you were looking for, as it doesn't sound like a leslie, but it's kinda cool in its own right, and it's not $200.
yes, i was talking about the live versions from the Madison Square Garden shows. He actually used the effect in a lot of the songs. Im trying to get that sound. Tremelo and Rotary Speaker seem to pretty similar. I already have tremelo on my amp, its a fender amp. I wonder if i combine the tremelo and a chorus effect, would it give a rotary speaker effect? Also, whats the difference between the more expensive uni-vibe and the cheaper one? the cheaper one is called a stereo chorus. Also, what is the difference between the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble and the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus? Someone mentioned that the CE-5 can kinda give a Rotary Speaker Effect.
Personally I have the smaller Dunlop Uni Vibe and I can tell you that I can nail the Hendrix tone with it. I think the bigger pedal allows expression control. I have also heard the soul vibe pedal from BBE and that is also a good one.
If you want a simple stompbox, the Visual Sound Liquid Chorus does a good Leslie impression on full-out wet signal for about $140 USD.
Skip to 3:40 for the Leslie.

A better, but more expensive option, would be either the Fulltone Choralflange or the AnalogMan Chorus (my personal choice).
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there are many pedals out there, and there is some great advice here, but i have found nothing does a real good job of getting the 'leslie' sound. and it is one of those epidemics where the more money you spend the closer you get, but you still can't capture it without the real mccoy.

i personally use a tc electronic scf for my warbly sound, and used to use a boss ce-1 for the thick sound, they were both good. i also use a mutron phaser II now for a more synth kinda phaser tone. these 3 pedals are insanely expensive, and ce-1 and mutron are very hard to find. if you do go pedals i recommend trying something with stereo setup and 2 amps, like the boss rt-20 with 2 amps was much more convincing when using 2 amps with the stereo outs imo.

the real deal just makes you go 'oh, thats it', but getting an old leslie model 16/18 or a fender vibratone is not the easiest thing, and can be expensive. i believe there is a company called motion sound that makes modern rotary cabs that are approachable in price. i found a leslie model 16 for 500 usd, but i has needed some work. the motion sound stuff looks a bit beefier and louder, so if you just gotta have that tone look into one of these. if you are happy enough with pedals, then i would recommend a 2 amp setup for better spatial tricks. if both of these are out your price range then just try out as many pedals as possible.


there is also a 2x12 version of that.



those are some more options
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Those old Leslies were like 500 lbs too.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
I wouldn't get the Boss pedals you mentioned. They are much more modern sounding, and won't give you the sound you're looking for. If you are willing to go used, you could probably get both a Rotary/vibe/leslie pedal AND a chorus.
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Unfortunetly, i don't have the money to throw out to get an ACTUAL lesile or a new amp to get a stereo effect. Plus, i only really have room on my board for one more pedal, but i can make two more work if need be. Does the soul-vibe or univibe have a good chorus to it?
A vintage Ibanez CS9 is my pedal of choice for this... A modern one would be a decent second choice if you can't get one. Avoid the 4 knob maxon version it doesn't sound as good to my ear.

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