I put on a set of Elixir strings last weekend. With my previous strings, I used Dunlop String Conditioner regularly. Is there any need to use it on Elixir's coated strings?

I wouldn't imagine you need to. I'd be a little wary about putting that conditioner on it as it might peel the coating off, but I really have no experience with that. I could be entirely wrong, that's just my guess.
Yea, Elixers last a long time as it is, I don't think that it will be necssacary or really that helpful.

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Thats a cool city, didn't get to visit long as we were driving through, but always have wanted to.
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elixirs dont need a string cleaner,and it might ruin the coating,.just play and enjoy,.
i don't think you have too, their coated so there's no point really

and a quick question,are all 6 strings on elixirs coated or is it just the thinnest strings? i heard somewhere they only coat the thin ones :S
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