I covered Wet Sand by the Chili Peppers. It's my favorite song by them. CHeck it out and rate and or comment. But I want feedback. If need to improve anywhere. Go to my Profile and Listen!

And listen to my Floyd cover. I don't like that one... but do it anyway.

- Jesse
I made a different solo out of boredom... I'm very bored. So, check out the one labeled solo. Tell me if I should drop the right solo or not. My profile is where you will find it.
You did well, on this cover. The first thing I would improve is playing the little fills during the intro chords. That is a really vital part to the intro and would make it sound a lot more interesting (and accurate to the real song, if you are interested in that sort of thing). You showed in the rest of the song that you have the necessary skill to play that part, and since you played most of the rest of the song pretty precisely, I'm not sure why you didn't do that. I really don't have a preference as far as the solos go. They are both good and they both fit with the song, it just depends on how closely you want to copy the original. All in all it is a good cover, well done.