Is anyone getting any good Sabbath tones out of the amp?
I plan on getting the 15 watt one to play my Epi G-400 SG thru.
Here's an idea. Go play one before you buy it and then tell US if you get good Sabbath tones out of it
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The Peavey Vypyr does not sound good.

What's your budget?

My budget is only $150.
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no, i really doubt anybody is

Why? Dose the Vox really sound that bad?
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Why? Dose the Vox really sound that bad?

I think he's saying no one is getting good tones out of the Vypyr, but...
Sure you could. Use a british voiced setting or the DLX or the B-KAT with a lot of gain and bass. Leave the mids and treble neutral.

Also, while maybe the VT is better than the Vypyr, the vypyr is still a good amp. The VT's are a LOT more expensive for what you get.
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oneblackened has it right, that should get you somewhere near sabbath territory, they used alot of gain for the time and i beleive his EQ was set all neutral or added bass, depending on what sabbath era/song your goin for